Hello, my name’s Alex Macdonald, and don’t forget the “a” in the “Mac”!!
Mac is Gaelic for “the son of” (the learning process starts already!)
Gaelic being my mother tongue, I was born and grew up bilingual (Gaelic and English) on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebridies in Scotland.  (My father still refuses to talk to me in English in his attempt to preserve the language!!)

I am football daft, much to the frustration of my “other half”!, but I compensate this with a passion for travelling and skiing, which I share with my wife Irene and am forgiven for watching too much football. We have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world quite extensively but we would love to see more. I also like Bavarian beer but I won’t mention that! I have two wonderful step-daughters that keep me young and up to date but also speed up the “hair loss” process.

I started teaching Business English in Germany in 1996 for BMW, Lufthansa, MTU,
EADS, and other smaller companies. This also included a period in Taiwan for Lufthansa in 1999-2000. In my last 5 years in Germany I worked solely for Audi in Ingolstadt.

Then I crossed the Alps to discover the beauty of Tirol (and I’m not just talking about my wife!)

In Tirol, after an integration period, I work and worked for many institutes and companies including, AZW, MCI, WIFI, FH Kufstein,VHS,
WWP, Barracuda, Auer Holzmanufaktur, Ötztaler Transport among others,
as a lecturer, teacher and trainer.

My advantage is obviously “Native speaker” and many years of experience in a variety of fields and levels.
From beginners to advanced
CEO’s to shop floor workers
Students to pensioners
One-to-one lessons to groups of 40 (although 12 is max for optimal learning in my eyes)

Everyone needs the same, practice, confidence and competence in English.
Inhibitions in speaking is a major factor with most.

The best remedy is speaking, speaking and speaking
And it must be enjoyable!

And that’s my job!  “Next please”

Vocabulary check:

Gaelic - old language spoken in highlands and Islands of Scotland and west coast of        Ireland, although dialects and the language varies considerably within short distances.

mother tongue - Muttersprache
refuse - sich weigern
attempt - Versuch
preserve - bewahren
daft -   colloquial for crazy, you can be daft about something. You like it a lot.        
other half - colloquial expression for “your partner”
passion - Leidenschaft
mention - erwähnen
hair loss - Haarausfall
discover - entdecken
integration period - Eingewöhnungsphase
advantage - Vorteil
obviously - offenbar
experience - Erfahrung
variety - Vielfalt
fields - Bereichen
shop floor worker - normaler Arbeiter
practice - Praxis
confidence - Selbstvertrauen
competence - Kompetenz
inhibitions - Hemmungen

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